Researching and creating effective PowerPoint presentations are always a top priority when communicating.

iMarc’s software will accelerate those efforts and also help create consistent presentations within your corporate brand while substantially reducing the User time and compensation costs that can be used for greater efficiencies.




Digital Asset Management

DAM (Digital Asset Management) - fast becoming a necessity in the digital world. It is commonplace that businesses today are a media company or fast becoming one. At the center of this is the demand for content and lots of it. Companies are searching for tools that are reliable and cost-effective ways to expand their output, streamline their processes for outputting content; images, videos, text, and other materials that can help increase sales and better promote brand management.

iMarc developed a tool for this specific need. IPM (iPoint Presentation Manager™) has a robust DAM (Data Asset Management) library. There are no limitations as to the types of media that can be stored in the library – PowerPoint, Flash, video, MS Office docs, CAD animation, etc. If you can digitize it, it can be stored in IPM’s DAM application. Plus, all material is stored using your metadata.

IPM allows you too easily find the content you need through a powerful key word search that provides a listing of all content available on any given topic within the network and across the enterprise. You can see the author, the date content was stored, who it was stored by, and many other very-useful facts.

Motivation - What motivates the need for DAM application? It is often because when something has broken within the company. The volume of content has overwhelmed the search and approval processes that previously worked. A folder was deleted leading to a catastrophic loss of critical assets. This usually occurs when someone is building a presentation for an important meeting and content is lost. Whatever the reason you know something has to change.

It is also important the DAM application align itself with your technical and business strategies, the better the integration the more value you will realize from the IPM platform. As with all iMarc software applications when we are not aligned with your business needs, we can customize our application to meet your company’s solution needs.

Users – Usually segmented in two groups, technical users, and business users.

Technical Users - You most likely have a technical strategy aligned with a cloud provider like Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. Aligning a DAM solution with your technical strategy like IPM will streamline implementation, integration, and maintenance. All iMarc applications are built upon the Windows server platform. The multi-layer redundancy server architecture has redundant routers with fail-over configuration, redundant firewalls, and load balanced multi-processor applications servers. With an iMarc DAM application hosted on Microsoft Azure, the organization can manage its users in their own Active Directory. With Microsoft Azure being a common denominator between your operating system and the iMarc DAM application, integration between the two services will be seamless.

Business Users – Are the communications specialists, marketers, salespeople, and external partners that need to be able to easily find content for their Power Point presentations, product briefs, promotional material, or campaigns. One of the most important DAM stakeholders they are not power users. Similar to creatives, business users value the ability to download any file, image, graphic, video, or animation, so they can focus on meeting their deadline.

Perhaps the greatest value the iMarc DAM provides is, its ability to quickly facilitate assets. Even including looking in notes on a presentation slide to find the information needed. This intuitive, user friendly, and extremely reliable search capability is one of IPM’s DAM hallmark. Since our products are built for the internet, this allows business users who are geographically distributed to be able to find needed assets quickly and independently 24/7/365. An easy-to-use search function can provide the ability to quickly browse large volumes of available assets, fostering creativity and ideas for new campaigns.