What Our Customers Say

One of the benefits of iMarc products is they can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client. The following are companies who operate in the Oil & Gas Industry and other B2B Industries who contacted iMarc about their presentation needs. What better way to learn about IPM than to read what actual users say about iMarc’s ability to listen and construct a platform that meets their specific requirements.

From Print to Cloud

The motor oil additive industry is extremely technical and operates within very precise standards. Chevron Oronite has always provided technical product data in a 3-ring binder, but it became increasingly apparent that presenting a high-tech product in a low-tech manner was having a negative effect on Chevron Oronite’s image.

Oronite’s main objective was to create an impressive high-tech means of presenting their product data to clients and prospects. At the same time, they wanted to take advantage of marketing opportunities available when viewers accessed the information. Oronite also stipulated a need to update the materials themselves.

iMarc created IPM that supports the efforts of the sales and marketing groups by strengthening the relationship with the customer while providing relevant information in a format the customer prefers. An interactive menu system quickly directs viewers to the specific data they are seeking. Oronite’s IPM also features interviews with members of the Oronite team, helping to further reinforce the company’s relationship with its market. The entire program – data, videos and even the banner displays appearing at the top of the screen – can be updated in-house by Oronite staff without the involvement of technical resources. Marketing material developed for IPM, along with the technical information, can now be easily presented by the sales force at a customer meeting.

Exemplary Design

Prior to the implementation of the iMarc Presentation Manager (IPM). Aker Kvaerner relied almost exclusively on PowerPoint presentations. While sincere, these PowerPoint presentations did little to elevate Aker Kvaerner’s image relative to our competition. They did not portray the level of technology that was consistent with the services our company provides. Now, thanks to the exemplary design and navigation offered by iMarc’s IPM, we have a presentation tool capable of demonstrating our company’s true capabilities to our clients in a fashion that is easier to follow and more enjoyable to see this increasing our changes of success.

In The Field

Our people are now using the iPoint Presentation Manager in the field. They are finding it to be a very successful way to demonstrate the processes that make Cooper Cameron Valves the leader in our industry. We consider our manufacturing methods to be the best in the business, and the professional presentation manager from iMarc with the custom interface really help to bring that out.

Sales Tool Solution

Willbros was looking for a sales tool it could send to prospective customers that combines the professionalism, flexibility and consistency of interactive multimedia, while allowing Willbros to update and customize the case history information. The solution was iMarc’s iPoint Presentation Manager. iMarc built a capabilities presentation system that includes extensive case histories, location information and interactive video, all maintained in-house by Willbros. Willbros reports extensive use of IPM and a high degree of customer acceptance, at a considerable cost saving to Willbros.

Exceeded Expectations

As engineers, we at Newmark are considered the best at what we do. For those areas that don’t fall under our core competencies, such as marketing and marketing communications, we call on the expertise of people who are the best at what they do. You certainly proved that you are tops in your field. iMarc exceeded our expectations.

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